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Corporate tax avoidance, a shrinking middle class, and police brutality are all symptoms of a system lacking responsibility. We need a change.

Those in power must be held accountable.

Reforming Police

No matter where we come from or what we look like, we all deserve to know we will make it home safely each night. Heavy-handed policing and racial profiling have fueled an epidemic of police brutality in the United States. While there is a need in our communities for well-trained, restrained law enforcement, there’s a far greater need for community outreach, crisis intervention, education, and social services. We create more problems than we solve when we send armed officers to deal with people experiencing homelessness, addiction, or mental illness—all issues social workers and medical professionals are better suited to address. 

By holding officers accountable when they act against the public trust, and by giving communities the power of oversight over their sworn officers, we can help build trust and raise our community standards for policing. Investing in proactive solutions to chronic social problems, combined with providing anti-bias training and trauma support for law enforcement, will protect our communities and make our streets safe for everyone.

Breaking the Cycle

Our current gift, estate, and inheritance tax systems allow for many millions of dollars to be transferred among the rich and powerful, tax-free, all while delivering little-to-no value to the economy or society. It is time we lower the gift and estate tax exemption amounts and tax the massive generational wealth transfers that create and sustain modern dynasties.

Making Wall Street Pull Its Weight

For decades, “pro-business” legislation has helped huge corporations avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes, while making it harder for mom-and-pop companies to compete. (There’s a reason corporate giants spend so much money lobbying and donating to “pro-business” politicians.) We must stop letting corporate lobbyists write our tax laws and instead develop a fair system that allows our small businesses to compete and holds giant corporations accountable. By making Wall Street pull its weight, we can rebuild Main Street and reinvest in schools, public hospitals, roads and bridges, and other critical infrastructure of American communities.

Leveling the Playing Field

Our nation’s economic rules favor the rich at the expense of the rest of us. People struggling to make ends meet are trapped in a cycle of poverty, and middle class families—the foundation of a prosperous economy—are struggling. But a powerful few keep getting wealthier—not because they’re doing more to earn it, but because our tax laws are designed to enrich them. It’s time for these few to pay their fair share through a tax that won’t affect their lifestyle but will strengthen our economy by improving the standard of living for all Americans.

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