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This is what I stand for.


People Over Profits

People come first. Period. It's time for an overhaul of our old policies, and a wave of new, humanity-centered legislation. 

immigration • reproductive rights • school funding • demonetizing incarceration • decriminalizing addiction • common-sense gun laws 


Sound Investing

Building a strong economy starts with supporting our communities, beginning with the people and families who make them.

minimum wage • universal basic income •

parental leave • child care • health care 


Working Together

Supporting our public servants is foundational to ensuring the healthiness and happiness of all our communities.

social workers • teachers • caregivers •

healthcare providers 


Powerful Accountability

Those in power have a duty to serve, not exploit, others. We must raise ethical standards and hold the powerful accountable.

wealth tax • estate tax • corporate accountability • police reform 

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Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 11.44.22 PM.png

Fixing the System

No matter who we are or what we look like, every one of our voices matters. Defending of our democracy is crucial to making sure all of our voices are heard. 

automatic voter registration • campaign finance • congressional pay • term limits • voting rights


Planning for the Future

We pride ourselves on being a leading nation, but in order to continue to lead, we must look forward.

Green New Deal • climate change • education • broadband access • legalization of marijuana • net neutrality


Protecting People

Representatives have a duty to do right by the people they swear to serve. So I want to be clear: I will not hide in my office, I will not accept corporate PAC money, I will not allow lobbyists to write my bills or sway my vote, and  I will fight for every person in this district, regardless of who you are, where you're from, what you look like, or whether you voted for me. My plan and policies are based on the simple foundational idea that we all deserve quality education, affordable housing, comprehensive health care, fair pay, and real, meaningful representation.

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