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Our elected officials have turned oaths of public service into sitting-pretty careers and the American people are suffering because of it.

It's time we fix our broken system.

Term Limits

The longer our representatives are in office, the more likely they are to become out of touch with their constituents, resulting in votes based on their own interests and not those of the people. It’s time we enact and enforce consecutive term limits for all appointed and elected positions (yes, including Tennessee’s Third Congressional District).

Automatic Voter Registration

Let’s increase voter roll integrity and voter turnout by making voter registration automatic across the country, beginning with the first interaction between an eligible citizen and the government (or earlier, for those who wish to register on their own). Citizens who don’t wish to participate can opt out of the program.

Congressional Pay

Members of Congress who don’t hold additional special roles are currently paid $174,000 annually, regardless of where they live and serve, with many other allowances and benefits to cover work-related expenses. While congresspeople serve an important role and deserve adequate compensation, this pay structure for a position of service sends the wrong message and encourages the development of career politicians.

Fair Funding

Our elections should be determined by the people—not lobbyists, and not just people who happen to be rich, powerful, or well-connected. By providing campaign credits to every registered voter and increasing the number of voters funding campaigns, we can lower maximum contribution limits, get rid of super PACs, and rethink how PACs operate.

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